Stay In Control,

Experience the new era of diabetes management.

The Vesna-100 Device empowers you with seamless blood sugar monitoring and painless precision, 24/7.

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A Smarter Approach To Diabetes Management:

Being diabetic requires constant glucose monitoring, with needle pricks throughout the day. Traditional glucometers are painful, invasive, inconvenient, and very time-consuming. Having to use a traditional glucometer every day is not a way to live. The Vesna-100, brought to you by Vesna Biotech, is a smart CGM device that empowers diabetic individuals with hassle-free blood sugar management. There are very few CGM brands in the world right now, but the concept is still almost foreign in the Middle East and Africa.

Unlike our competitors, Vesna-100 combines biosensors with AI, so you can get a fuller picture of your glucose levels, putting you one step ahead of any trouble that might occur. Our biosensor technology is highly durable, which means affordability for the user and a reduced footprint for the environment.

How do I use It?

We are combining accuracy and simplicity to bring you a game-changer in the world of continuous glucose monitoring.

3 simple steps :

Disinfect the spot where you intend to wear the device (preferably the upper arm).

Use the applicator to insert the device.

Track your glucose levels seamlessly in real time with the app, 24/7, for up to 90 days.

Meet Our Team :

Our three co-founders have joined forces to help people with diabetes gain control over their disease and their lives. At Vesna Biotech, we are using technology to drive positive change in diabetes management and, ultimately, in the healthcare industry as we continue to grow.

Hamza Magri

Co-Founder, CEO

Aymen Cheibi

Co-Founder, CFO

Mariem Magri

Co-Founder, CTO

Stay in control, effortlessly.


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